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What Participants are Saying

I first met Mary in 2015 while I was in Serenity Haven ( a rehab in Fayette Ohio). She came to share her story about her son Marjoe who had lost his life to addiction. Her and her husband Victor shared with us how Never Let Go came about and I was brought to tears. Realizing for the first time just what I, who was struggling with addiction, was doing to my family. Mary and I have stayed in contact over the last few years and she has continued to support me through my daily struggles. I am very thankful for her passion to help fight the war on addiction. Her ministry is amazing!!        (Serenity Haven Participant)

Keep sharing your message because I believe it will help others out there. 

(High School Participant)

Today I learned that my actions 

affect more than just myself

and I need to think more about 

the way my actions make others feel.

(Juvenile Detention Center participant)

It makes me never want to do drugs.

(High School Participant)

To see a mother sharing such a painful story impacted these kids, and I don't think they'll ever forget the warning that her son's life and death has given them.          (Faculty Participant)

I used to think it would be okay just to try it once,

but your story is a 

good enough reason 

for me not to.

(High ​School Participant)

I learned to...not let people pressure 

me into doing dangerous things.

(Juvenile Detention Center Participant)

I heard your story when I was 16 years old at JDC, and your story has stayed with me forever, it truly made me see what I was putting my parents through. You are an amazing woman and without you I doubt I'd be at this point in my life, I'm now 19 years old, it's been 2 since I've touched those drugs and now I have an amazing son of my own and a clean and supportive boyfriend and father to go along with it. All thanks to your beautiful message! I just wanted to say thank you. From me and my son. I never let go!

(Juvenile Detention Center Participant)

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